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I can tell you three keys to solving any riddle, a secret passed down from my Scotland Yard Detective Dad.


The First Key: Understand your audience and what makes them emotionally invest. 

I discovered the formula that increased views on the official Bachelor after-show by 225%, raised channel subscription by over 130% and doubled the average watch time.


The Second Key: Connect with people and foster a relationship based on trust.

I accomplish this by creating an intimate and safe environment when interviewing guests, which generates content that offers an opportunity for audiences to identify and emotionally connect. 

The Third Key: Always be immersed in the solution, not the problem.

On any project issues will always arise, providing an opportunity to forge new creative paths. Essential elements involve clear communication, teamwork and at least three alternate plans ready to go in your bum bag.


Implementing these three keys collaboratively in a team environment to creatively develop compelling programming that resonates with audiences, while effectively managing and communicating with stakeholders ensures successful projects. My approach to all creative endeavors enables me to connect with audiences, tell their stories and foster communities. Whatever the platform, my purpose is the same – igniting imagination and human connection through storytelling. 


Emily Elsner is a producer, podcaster and terrible cook. Shortly after college Emily got her start working in live music production, afterwards she went on to digital marketing and producing network shows. Though her work has primarily been in the non-scripted world, her love of telling stories that connect with audiences on a personal level transcends genres. 

Born in South London and raised in the idyllic English countryside of the North Downs, Emily spent her childhood riding cows and finding flint arrowheads from the days of William the Conqueror in the freshly tilled fields surrounding her home. Growing up a theater kid in a village mentioned in the Doomsday book, she heard whispered stories from village residents of a spectral hooded monk who to this day appears outside the local church at 3 am, sparking her imagination and a love of all things paranormal.

When not producing telly shows, Emily can be found dancing around the house to Kylie Minogue, perfecting her PG Tips brew time and binging Dateline.*​

*if anything nefarious should happen to her, Emily requests that Keith Morrison present her episode of Dateline.

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